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The forgotten history of the historic locomotive in Baja California

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La Voz de la Frontera

MEXICALI, B.C. (KYMA, KECY) - Community members urge Mexican officials to rehabilitate the historic locomotive's maintenance that has become an icon in the city.

La Voz de la Frontera reports various activists denounced the lack of attention, care, and maintenance of the "railway square" where the train lies.

Courtesy of La Voz de la Frontera

According to the activists, the damages are evident, from cut fences, graffiti, collapses, accumulation of garbage, dry trees, dead animals, vandalized bathrooms, and even the theft of parts of the railway mechanism, where the theft of the bronze bell stands out.

Member of the downtown area committee and representative of the association "Mexicali for a better Mexico", Dr. Jesús Granados Fernández says, "It is unfortunate that the authorities do not look back at one of the places that house the roots of the capital of Baja California and that should remain as a dignified space for citizens. I am committing myself to help rehabilitate this place. I have always worked for Mexicali, its valley and San Felipe and now it will not be the exception, since our vision is not only to point out but to work directly for the benefit of people."

Activists say the railroad represented many families' opportunity to emigrate from the south of the county to Baja California.

This is why they want to keep the historical monument as a sign of gratitude for those who were the first to arrive in Baja California.

The machine, number 2073, belongs to the Ferrocarriles Sonora, which traveled in its years of service throughout much of the county, moving cargo and passengers and being the star of Mexican films.

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