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Yuma Regional Medical Center responds to “unnecessary criticism”

FOX 9's Adam Klepp spoke with three members of YRMC's Board of Directors about their local critics

YUMA, Ariz. (KECY, KYMA) - The Yuma Regional Medical Center administration is responding to local critics, saying they’re “setting the record straight” as they’ve faced “unnecessary criticism” from some members of the Hospital District Board One as well as what they call a small group of vocal naysayers.

The Hospital District Board One says they’ve been left in the dark by YRMC, because they say they haven’t received monthly, and quarterly financial reports as dictated in the Policies and Procedures Agreement between the two, since October of 2019.

“We were suddenly shut out," said Dr. Jeremy Curry, a District Board member.

But YRMC board members disagree, saying the agreement is not binding.

“We’ve gotten legal opinion on it, more than one, actually three, that it’s not binding, so we choose to abide by the lease,” YRMC Board of Directors Chair Woody Martin said.

The lease says YRMC should provide financial reports once a fiscal year, which Martin says they have done. 

Yet, YRMC says the Hospital District Board is not currently allowing new building projects for the hospital.

District Board Chairman Jeffrey Polston says that's because YRMC has not proved an ability to fund the projects.

“The new sterilization area we need to build, which is about $100 million, which YRMC pays for fully, but we need the district’s board permission to spend the money,” said Lora Dana, a YRMC Board of Director member.

The District Board says at the time of the building project requests, their most current financial reports were seven months old.

YRMC Board Member Louie Gradias says even if they were providing monthly reports, it would have nothing to do with the paused construction proposals.

“The requested funding for the lab, and sterilization processing, there’s no correlation between the  and any of the reports that they argue they need to get,” Gradias said.

Back on December 13, the Hospital District Board held a special meeting where all five members of the board shared concerns about their current relationship with their tenant.

“What I’m seeing isn’t just a hospital that has turned it’s back on the district board but the entire community,” Dr. Connie Uribe said.

Martin says he has reached out to members of the district board to talk through their issues.

“I just think it would be best for the community if we resolve our issues," Martin said. "I’m willing to sit down with or without attorneys.”

Polston has set another special meeting on January 4 at 6 p.m. taking place at the Yuma Civic Center, to hear from the public on their opinions of YRMC.

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