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Home Grown: Staying safe on the roads with slow-moving ag vehicles

News 11's April Hettinger speaks with a farmer who advises drivers to give plenty of space to large tractors

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - In today's Home Grown, local farmers have some advice for drivers as more ag vehicles jump on the road. 

In the height of planting season and with harvesting season nearing, there are several tractors and large machinery taking up space on the roadway.

Many of these are oversized, slow-moving vehicles that need to use the shoulder of the road. 

Do not tailgate one of these tractors and make sure to triple check around large vehicles when passing them. 

"If you're out and about on Yuma County roads and even within the city of Yuma, you might notice big equipment, wide equipment like this moving around," said John Boelts, owner of Desert Premium Farms. "Those are slow-moving vehicle emblems and they're designed to warn you that the vehicle you're coming up on is slow-moving, watch out, stay away, we got big equipment."

Also some field suggestions, do not walk on any fields unless you have received permission as this could damage crops or cause contamination.

Additionally, keep your dogs on a leash so they don't run through the fields. 

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April Hettinger

April was born and raised in San Diego where she loved the beach town and her two dogs, Lexi and Malibu. She decided to trade the beach for the snow and advanced her education at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

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