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Hasta la vista 2020: The top social media stories of the year


News 11's Crystal Jimenez recaps the top stories of the year

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - We have finally reached the very last day of 2020, and many people are glad to be saying goodbye to the year that wreaked havoc on so many lives.

It's safe to say, 2020 was nothing like we expected it to be.

Coronavirus news flooded the airways as more and more locals were being infected with the virus that was so new to doctors worldwide.

The deadly virus eventually hit home.

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Over 300 local's lives have been taken so far by COVID-19. Meanwhile, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey enacted a stay at home order to help prevent spread.

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Schools closed down, and children began distance learning, which meant that educators had to create new lesson plans to virtually provide students with education.

It then led to a puzzling scenario, which was the toilet paper crisis. Locals had flocked to stores to try to snag a bag of toilet paper. For a while, it was a hot commodity and very hard to come by. But there was no real reason as to why this happened.

While the coronavirus has brought many dark days, locals still banded together to help each other. Whether it was making masks to show appreciation to the nursing staff at Yuma Regional Medical Center or local businesses assisting those who lost their jobs put food on the table by hosting meat drives.

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Down to locals finding a way to smile on the faces of our local seniors who lost the opportunities to make memories and walk to stage at graduation.

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However, it wasn't always about the coronavirus. The 2020 General Election proved critical as many considered it "the most important election ever."

The Trump Administration visited Yuma County more than once.

In the end, President-Elect Joe Biden took the election and was declared the next President of the United States.

We also saw other issues in the community as the trial for Jared Cardwell began. He is the ex-marine facing one count of second-degree murder for the death of his step-daughter Celine Carreno in 2015.

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Locally, another strike at locals' hearts when another toddler had passed away from what authorities said was due to malnutrition.

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While the year 2020 threw many hardships at us, there were still reasons to celebrate. In the Agriculture world, the Yuma County Farm Bureau celebrated its 100th Birthday.

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Meanwhile another Yuma Local celebrated her 100th Birthday.

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With this new year also comes the hope that things will eventually return to normal.

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Crystal Jimenez

Crystal Jimenez began at KYMA as a Digital Content Producer in June 2019, and is now a multimedia journalist for the morning show.


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