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Neighbors create memorial for dead Yuma toddler

Memorial for Emma
Neighbors create memorial outside the home where a toddler passed away.

Parents to be formally charged with murder Wednesday

Yuma, ARIZ. (KYMA,KECY) - Neighbors of a couple accused of killing their toddler daughter are coming forward to describe their encounters with the family.

Neighbors said the family had troubles, but no one knew what was actually going on.

Jamie McBride and James Givens' 23-month-old toddler passed away Sunday. The couple now faces first degree murder charges.

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John Price lived right next door to the family. He told News 11's Crystal Jimenez, he often gave the family both food and money when they asked for it. 

Price said he even went to the extent of taking the family to the food bank or the store a number of times. 

He said he always thought the girls were small for their age, but they were always happy. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. 

However, the neighbor also said there was a long period of time where the girls stopped coming outside.

Another neighbor said they often heard Givens yelling, and saw him leaving the house angry. Others told us they saw the children's mother walking her oldest daughter to school in the days before the pandemic.

Another neighbor, who lives across the street, said the toddler appeared "tiny" when she left the family home on a stretcher on Sunday. Prosecutors said the little girl weighed less than 10-pounds at the time of the death.

McBride and Givens return to court Wednesday to be formally charged with murder.

Hear more of Crystal Jimenez's conversation with the couple's neighbors, and find out how you can help the surviving children, beginning at 5 on News 11's Early Edition.

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Crystal Jimenez

Crystal Jimenez began at KYMA as a Digital Content Producer in June 2019, and is now a multimedia journalist for the morning show.


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