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California lays out plan to drastically cut fossil fuel use

(KYMA, KECY/ AP News) - In California's ambitious climate change goals over the next two decades, new homes built in California starting in 2026 need to be powered by all-electric furnaces, stoves and other appliances.

The roadmap by the California Air Resources Board sets the state on a path to achieve “carbon neutrality” by 2045, meaning as much carbon is removed from the air as is emitted.

The state’s timeline is among the most ambitious in the nation, while some other states have a later 2050 deadline.

California could reach its goals through a drastic transition away from fossil fuels that power many modes of transportation, cutting  the use of oil and gas by 91% by 2045.

The plan would also put significant new demand on the electric grid, requiring the state to rapidly scale up solar power and storage options.

The plan is not is not yet final, but a public comment process will begin and the political appointees who make up the air board will ultimately decide whether to make any changes.

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