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SPECIAL REPORT: Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine full authorization

A process every United States vaccine goes through before fully approved - News 11's Cody Lee reports

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Almost nine months after the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine became available in Yuma County, some locals still haven't received it. Some by choice. In a News 11 special report, we explore what that means for Yuma county.

Dr. Bharat Magu, Yuma Regional Medical Center’s chief medical officer, says the hospital is noticing the difference between those who are vaccinated and those who chose to forgo the vaccine. Recently, YRMC started publicly reporting its patients' vaccine status.

“The numbers which we have so far looks like you're eight times more likely to to contract the delta virus if you're not vaccinated and 25 times more likely to die, compared to non-vaccinated, so it is still effective. Obviously not as effective as the previous variant,” Dr. Magu said.

In this special report - Cody Lee explains the process of fully authorizing a vaccine in the U.S. News 11 also looks into the differences between a third dose and a booster shot.

We look at current COVID cases in Yuma County and what is tied to the recent spike.

Tonight on News 11's Early Edition at 5 P.M.

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Cody Lee joined 13 On Your Side and KYMA News 11 in March 2020, but he’s no stranger to Arizona. He grew up in the Phoenix area and enjoys everything Arizona has to offer.

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