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TOPIC: Should national guard troops be sent to Yuma?

(KYMA/KECY) - Continuing on the topic of the surge of migrants at the border, in recent days Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has called on the National Guard to head to the southern border.

The exact location of where troops will be deployed has not been announced or detailed, so with that we decided to ask: "Should national guard troops be sent to Yuma?"

Over 100 participated in the survey, results showed that 80% believe National Guard troops should head to the souther border and 20% believe they should not.

Despite the Biden Administration reassuring that 'the borders are not open' many still believe or have an idea that there will be a floodgate opened to asylum-seeking migrants.

One viewer commented, "Yes, as it is very apparent that Biden is going to let everyone come through regardless of what the American people want."

Others believed that 'reinstating Trump's border policies' will be the solution to the issue we are seeing at our borders.

Tump policies, more lax Biden policies or allowing asylum-seekers the chance to seek refuge, whatever the solution we will see it play out in the fort-coming weeks.

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Christian Galeno

Christian Galeno joined KYMA/KSWT in July of 2019 as a Weekend Anchor and multimedia journalist.


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