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TOPIC: Do you think Harris is qualified to handle the border issues?

(KYMA/KECY) - As the droves of asylum-seeking migrants continue to arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border, Biden Administration has tapped VP Kamala Harris to the lead the response to the border crisis.

Clearly, viewers were very set on tonight's topic of the day: 'Do you think Harris is qualified to handle the border issues?'

Over 120 voters participated, 25% said VP Harris was not qualified for the job, despite having some background in the criminal justice system after serving as San Francisco District Attorney and California Attorney General.

Amongst the ones that feel VP Harris is qualified, one viewer felt compelled to comment that "Of course, she [Harris] is competent" to lead the response.

A whopping 75% on the other hand feel otherwise, some pointing to the fact that she lacks living along the border.

"She hasn't spent any measurable time on the border," read Robert Johnson's comment. "She needs to spend the time and effort to learn first hand what's going on.

VP Harris' 'establishment politics' have been criticized, mainly by progressives, known to be an establishment-friendly and a moderate, she was the last of the picks that many progressives had during the 2020 election.

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Christian Galeno

Christian Galeno joined KYMA/KSWT in July of 2019 as a Weekend Anchor and multimedia journalist.


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