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Question of the Day: Are you concerned about the migrant influx?

(KYMA/KECY) - The Biden Administration has announced the relaxation of several Trump era immigration policies that detained or blocked asylum seekers from doing just that--seek asylum in the U.S.

Yuma County alone has already put pressure on the federal government to handle this issue in a way that won't interrupt the lives of those that live in Yuma County as migrants begin to get released into Yuma County.

Tonight we ask: "Are you concerned about the migrant influx?"

Clearly there is concern, over 80 percent of respondents say they are concerned of the mass exodus of asylum seekers and migrants.

Some even adding their own two cents about 'taking care of our own first' like 'veterans and the homeless'.

Others hurdling assumptions in the comment section that 'unvetted migrants' are bringing crime, COVID-19 and 'other diseases' into the country.

You can find other polls as well as the conversation on this topic by going to

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Christian Galeno

Christian Galeno joined KYMA/KSWT in July of 2019 as a Weekend Anchor and multimedia journalist.


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