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McSally: “They either intended to miss or their ballistic missile capability is certainly lacking.”

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U.S. Senator Martha McSally reacts to Iran's missile strike

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA) - The threat of war is looming as tensions with Iran escalate after Iran’s missile strike Tuesday night, attacking American troops' housing.

However, U.S. Senator Martha McSally tells us there are no specific threats on U.S. soil.

She confirmed the nation is on high alert for Iranian sponsored terror proxies.

“Quassem Soleimani was a terrorist leader who has American blood on his hands, over 600 Americans plus thousands wounded,” McSally said.

The Republican senator praised the President’s ordered strike killing the top Iranian general.

She described last week's move by President Trump as rightful and lawful.

But for many Americans, the last few days have brought a troubling sense of uncertainty.

However, McSally calls Iran's Tuesday night attack on American troops' housing "reckless" compared to Iran's “precise” attack on Saudi Arabia back in September 2019.

She said, “[Iran] either intended to miss or their ballistic missile capability is certainly lacking.”

McSally assures Americans here at home have nothing to worry about, saying, “We certainly have the ability to defend our homeland. Iran does not have the capability to be able to attack us from Iran."

Yet the question that still stands, is there an end in sight?

“President Trump is showing restraint. He is continuing to show that for the Iranian people and the Iranian leaders there is a choice of an off-ramp to de-escalate the violence."

McSally said the U.S. is pressuring European allies to get more involved in addressing threats from Iran.

Watch the full interview with the senator as she talks more about her September visit to Saudi Arabia.

As well as, what she says the U.S. is doing to stop Iran.

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Aziza Shuler

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