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Penguins take a rare field trip

Empty museum provides unusual visitors birds eye view of exhibits

CHICAGO, Ill. (KYMA, KECY) - Some unusual visitors recently got a tour of Chicago's world famous Field Museum.

Izzy and Darwin live in the neighboring Shedd Aquarium. Both attractions are currently closed to human visitors due to coronavirus, but the museum gave this pair of penguins a one-day VIP pass to check out the exhibits.

The little birds marveled at the massive skeleton of Maximo the Titanosaur, and even stopped by to see "Sue" the museum's legendary T-rex. They also strolled the halls getting peeks into the past.

Human visitors will soon get to follow in the penguin's footsteps. The Field Museum is preparing to announce plans for its reopening. It closed to the public shortly after the start of the pandemic.

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