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Military Matters: New tool aimed at helping veterans


From Sea to Shining Sea Database offers a state-by-state comparison of veteran benefits.

WASHINGTON D.C. (KYMA, KSWT).  A new study shows the state by state comparison of veteran benefits.

The “From Sea to Shining Sea” study was completed by the Center for American Security, a think tank based out of Washington, D.C. where they found that states differ when it comes to veteran benefits.

States like Illinois offered the most with up to 60  benefits, where other states like Oklahoma and Hawaii only offered around 20 benefits.

The findings of the report were released on Monday, fitting that it also fell on Veterans Day.

Now, benefits can range from free tuition, stipends for family schooling, tax breaks, and employment resources. However, the study found that states don’t advertise the benefits they offer and in most cases, veterans find that they may have moved to the wrong state, which can be a costly mistake.

The Center for a New American Security created an online database that will give veterans looking to get the most out of their benefits a complete list of those benefits and the states that offer the best quality of life.

A surprising element to the study showed that although Americans assume southern states are the most patriotic, they offered the least amount of benefits. Regardless, southern states still top the list for enlistments.

To learn more about the database, click here

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