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The public is invited to celebrate the country’s foundation, the Bill of Rights

The Freedom Library has joined forces with the Freedom Foundation to discuss the Consitution

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - If you scour public forums you're bound to find a discussion about the Bill of Rights. More likely is a discussion on the first and second amendments.

The Constitution is by far the most important document in the United States of America. It's the very foundation on which the country is built.

But, those amendments although popular only makeup such a small portion of what's addressed in the Bill of Rights. And, that's why historians like Howard Blitz hold events like the upcoming Constitution Forum and Bill of Rights celebration.

Events like this give people a broader look at what our forefathers designed. It also shows how centuries later those rights translate into modern times.

On Tuesday, November 30th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. the Freedom Library in correlation with the Freedom Foundation will host its Constitution Forum.

The founder of the Freedom Foundation Jacob G. Hornberger will discuss the Constitution via zoom. Hornberger known for his presidential runs in 2000 and 2020 will also discuss the nation's economic state.

Those unable to attend the event in person can connect to the zoom and interact with Hornberger.

The Freedom Library will also be presenting scholarships to recipients of this year's winners.

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