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President Biden announces plan to fight COVID-19 and Omicron variant

Winter months affected by new plan

BETHESDA, Md. (KYMA, KECY/NBC) - On December 2, President Joe Biden held a press conference to announce his plans to fight COVID-19 and its Omicron variant this winter.

"It doesn't include shutdowns or lockdowns but widespread vaccinations and boosters and testing and a lot more," said President Biden.

He explains that he wants to expand the nationwide booster campaign in order for eligible Americans to receive the vaccine.

"It's become a political issue, which is a sad, sad commentary. It shouldn't be, but it has been. Now as we move into the winter and face the challenges of this new variant, this is a moment where we can put the divisiveness behind us, I hope," continued President Biden.

He recently made a statement regarding the Omicron variant, calling it a "cause for concern, not panic," as two cases have been reported this week.

President Biden then announced a requirement for international travelers to be tested within one day of departure, regardless of vaccination status.

More strict requirements will be in place for those planning to use transportation.

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