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Northern California wildfires now threaten thousands of homes

Hundreds of buildings already lost to blazes - NBC's Miguel Almaguer reports

POPE VALLEY, Calif. (KYMA, KECY/NBC News) - Deadly wildfires in northern California's wine country now threaten tens of thousands of homes.

Before sunrise, the hills surrounding Napa Valley became a blow torch, again. The flames racing in multiple directions.

Fire consumes a home in northern California

The two fires now threaten twice as many structures - more than 24,000. Hundreds of homes are already lost, including Hayley's Christopher's.

"You don't believe it until you see it, and it's surreal." saysChristopher.

With roughly a dozen wineries damaged or destroyed, evacuation orders now include entire cities.

Just one of the homed destroyed by wildfires in Napa Valley

When Mike Christian returns home, there will be nothing left to save.

"It's a very sobering thing. What we thought was important is now ashes." says Christian.

As extreme wind and heat challenge exhausted crews, thick smoke is now grounding the air attack.

NBC's Miquel Almaguer reports from amid the fire damage

"When flames tore through the area, little could be done to stop it. Multi-million dollar homes, and smaller properties, are a total loss. A few hours later, this home is still a threat. It's capable of sparking a new fire with it's embers." says NBC's Miguel Almaguer.

A now a region known for its beauty is marred by its destruction.

"It's hard to see it this way. It's beautiful here, but it's being stripped away one fire at a time." says fire victim Jeff Parady.


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