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Arizona officials reintroduce the Protection of Social Security Benefits Restoration Act


Senator and representatives speak on an act

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KYMA, KECY) - On November 4, Representatives Raúl M. Grijalva and John B. Larson reintroduced the Protection of Social Security Benefits Restoration Act, along with Senator Ron Wyden introducing a companion legislation.

“Americans pay into Social Security with every paycheck, with the expectation that this earned benefit will provide a secure retirement,” stated Sen. Wyden. "It’s wrong that this promise is falling short for too many in challenging economic times. Too often, seniors are walking an economic tightrope –  restoring these important protections is more important now than ever.” 

The Act will restore protection to Social Security benefits to prevent the federal government from garnishing the repayment of debts such as student loans.

“Seniors paid their entire lives into Social Security and many live on modest, fixed incomes. They are being punished largely due to the skyrocketing cost of higher education – sometimes even paying their children’s debt out of their meager benefit." Rep. Grijalva said. “For many, Social Security benefits are the only source of income they can depend on.  Prior to 1996 we did not allow the Social Security benefit sanctity to be broken, and it’s time we restore that certainty for seniors.  As the student loan debt crisis hits record levels, it’s critical that we act now to protect these benefits.

“Social Security is an earned benefit Americans have paid for, and for most seniors provides their main source of income in retirement. Garnishing these already-modest benefits to recover long-ago student loan debt takes their retirement out from under them. I’m proud to introduce this bill today with Rep. Grijalva and Senator Wyden to ensure this doesn’t happen to any American, " added in Rep. Larson."

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