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Police: robbers intentionally crashing into victims in San Luis, Mexico

San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora (KYMA, KECY) - Criminals in San Luis, Mexico are intentionally crashing into victims to rob them.

That's according to the San Luis, Mexico Police Department, who said these crooks are crashing into drivers on purpose.

Then when the driver gets out, they're swiftly robbed of whatever belongings they have on them.

"The dynamics of these robberies consists of groups of 2 to 3 people who cause car accidents on purpose, not only in San Luis. It also happens in Mexicali. They tell the victims not to call the police to charge them up to $300. The main victims are elderly people", said Ramón Armando León with the San Luis, Mexico Police Department.

Police say criminals also targeting convenience stores. Now some customers aren't allowed to enter stores wearing hats or sunglasses.

That's so they can better identify robbers on security cameras.

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