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Cardwell Trial: Prosecutors reveal incident with toddler


YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Agent Sergeant Jeremey Green took the stand again Friday. While prosecutors revealed an incident where Jared Cardwell performed CPR on his stepdaughter.

Friday's trial began with Sgt. Green being questioned by the defense team. The defense, asking Sgt. Green about his questioning tactic used on Cardwell back in May.

As the defense described it, Sgt. Green "built him up to knock him down."

Sgt. Green disagreed with this, saying he was just doing his job to get the facts of what happened.

The defense also revealed to the courtroom Sgt. Green had been the 6th person already to interrogate Cardwell since the death happened.

Sgt. Green told the courtroom Cardwell was detained, but not required to speak to him. Cardwell knew he had the right to refuse to the interview in question.

When prosecutors took back the line of questioning, it was revealed there was an incident the month before Celine Carreno's death.

The prosecutor said there was a time Cardwell said he had to perform CPR on Celine. And that he never told anyone about it. The specific details of that incident have not been revealed to the courtroom.

The trial is set to pick back up next Wednesday.

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