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Woman finds missing husband shot on side of the road

Tribuna de San Luis

BAJA CALIFORNIA, Mexico (KYMA, KECY) - A woman went out to look for her husband after not answering his cell phone and found him near a ranch on the side of the road of the San Luis ejido.

49-year-old Everardo "N" was found dead next to his vehicle, riddled with bullets in his body.

Along with his body, officials found 9-millimeter casings next to a 9-millimeter pistol, and .223 AR-15 casings, next to a 2013 GMC Sierra pickup, with Baja California plates, in which several bullet holes were seen.

The woman contacted 911 to report the events on the Lateral highway of the San Luis ejido, west of the city.

The scene was protected by Municipal Police as first respondents, and then handed over to Ministerial Criminal Investigation Agency, who are taking over the investigations.

Police are suspecting the deceased tried to defend himself and are now looking for the man he might have been accompanied with to try to clarify what happened.

Steven Talamantes

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