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Arizona lawmakers reject private border wall bill


PHOENIX, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - A bill that would have made it easier for property owners along the border to build their own wall failed the clear the Arizona State Legislature.

The measure failed by just one vote. It would have allowed people to sidestep the state and local permitting requirements needed to construct such a barricade.

Republican lawmakers say the law would have prevented political interference from local officials philosophically opposed to the concept of a border wall. They say they could revive the legislation in the future.

Democrats insist border walls are ineffective at stopping both drugs and illegal immigrants. In addition, they say the state shouldn't interfere with local control of permitting decisions.

Just one Republican joined all 29 Democrats in opposing the measure. Representative Tony Rivero did not explain his vote.

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Lisa Sturgis

Lisa Sturgis recently returned to KYMA as its Digital Content Director, but she has a long history with the Desert Southwest.


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