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Ohio representative on Israel-Hamas War, immigration reform and Biden classified doucments

(CBS, KYMA/KECY) - Ohio Representative Mike Turner spoke with Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan on the ongoing Israel-Hamas War and intelligence failures leading up to the attack on October 7.

"I think there certainly is a gap that that was unexpected with respect to Israel's intelligence gathering. You know, when we saw the failures of October 7th, where they failed to see the emerging horrendous Hamas attack and the taking of hostages...we wondered whether or not it was a lack of focus, but now that the United States is actually working with Israel in trying to assist in locating Hamas and understanding Hamas' structure, we're actually understanding that that Israel has a gap in also capabilities...There also were concerns as whether Israel was going to be able to go into Gaza and to be able to locate and to dismantle Hamas. But I think everyone seeing it, they progressing at a much faster rate than anyone had expected. But still, as we see now, the reports that are coming out out of Gaza as Israel reports what they're accomplishing there certainly is concern and doubt."

Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH)

During the interview, Brennan and Turner talked about the southern border and immigration reform.

"I think they should be bundled together. And I've been at the White House several times talking about, you know, what we call sort of the quad national security package where they're looking at Ukraine, Taiwan, East Asia, but border has to be a part of it and not just funding for the border, it needs to be policy changes. Our border needs to be secure. The FBI director has specifically cited that individuals come across that border allied with international terrorist organizations are a threat internal to the United States.

Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH)

They also discussed the investigation into President Biden's handling of classified documents.

"Biden has been found to be a serial classified document hoarder. Over a 10 year period, he's been taking classified documents, some of the most sensitive that threaten our national security home, without any protection, and certainly, you know, able for others to be able to access them. There needs to be consequences. The fact that Hillary Clinton who had, you know, over 100 classified documents at home when she was Secretary of State and Vice President Biden, both under Obama at the same time, were taking classified documents home, and certainly had them be vulnerable, with no consequences shows the Department of Justice is not pursuing Democrats."

Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH)

When asked if there's a difference with the case against former President Donald Trump, Turner replied, "Biden had these documents for over 10 years. You can't hoard documents in your home for a decade long period."

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