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Border security package deal reached, Arizona politicians react

YUMA COUNTY, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Bipartisan Senate negotiators, led by Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, announced on Sunday they have reached a deal regarding a border security package.

According to a press release from Sinema's office, the package is said to be "the strongest border security legislation in decades that reasserts control of the border, ends catch and release, enhances security, fixes the asylum system, and supports border communities."

With Yuma being so close to the border, the new border package has many locals reacting.

Customs and Border Protection saw over 170,000 migrant crossings in the Yuma sector in the last fiscal year.

This Fiscal Year has already seen almost 20,000 crossings.

However, while some local politicians may like the package, they feel more can be done.

"Obviously, Senator Sinema recognizes that the border is in a disastrous state of affairs and I recognize that she’s been negotiating trying to do this. I still think it falls short by having too many people a day being allowed to come across the border," stated Representative Tim Dunn (R-Ariz.).

"It’s really a situation now where the rise of people who are here legally. The rise of people who are trying to get in legally are being put in second place to deal with this issue of refugees or asylum seekers," said Tony Reyes, Yuma County Supervisor.

Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines, who once served as the Chair of the Arizona Republican Party, shared his thoughts on social media, saying this bill is a great starting point but Congress needs to act now to secure the border. 

Following the announcement of the deal, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly released a statement saying in part:

"Congress has a real opportunity to address the growing humanitarian crisis impacting Arizona and other border communities...This will also allow us to move forward with urgent support for our allies, Israel and Ukraine, which is critical for our own national security, and vital humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza."

In addition, Arizona Representative and Senate candidate Ruben Gallego issued a statement on the package saying:

"Arizona and its border communities have faced unprecedented challenges to manage the humanitarian and national security crises at our southern border. Now, Congress has a chance to act.

I’m proud that my priorities—including The Buck Stops Here Act and funding for the Shelter and Services Program—are included in the package. I firmly believe this compromise supports Arizonans and protects both our national security interests and those of our Israeli allies and Taiwanese and Ukrainian partners.

I will do all I can to work with my colleagues in both chambers to cut through the noise and do what is best for Arizona and the country."

Arizona Representative Raul Grijalva also issued a statement on the deal saying:

"The Senate missed an opportunity to create thoughtful and lasting immigration reform and to confront and humanely manage our humanitarian crisis at the border.  Instead, the bill doubles down on punitive measures that read like an extreme Republican wish list filled with failed Trump-era immigration policies.

The bill lacks any legal pathways to deal with the status of Dreamers, farm workers, or undocumented individuals who have been vital members of our communities for decades. I’m disappointed that time has been wasted on what could have been a productive attempt to create real immigration reform.

While the Senate legislation includes additional resources for personnel, border communities, and minor visa fixes, it does nothing to address the root issues of migration. We desperately need real immigration reform that includes long-term realistic and humane solutions that guarantee safe and orderly entry to this nation. The legislation fails to meet the moment.

Despite my disappointment with this incomplete legislation, Speaker Johnson and the extreme House Republican majority have declared the bill ‘dead on arrival’ proving the point that they want to use immigration as a political campaign wedge in the 2024 election. The February 8th field hearing by Republican members of the Natural Resources Committee and the Republican Western Caucus is proof. The hearing is fraud, simply political red meat, and fearmongering. This fake hearing will be shrill, dishonest, and without real solutions.

Republicans have no interest in solving the humanitarian crisis at the border and the fact that the Republicans in the House will not allow the bill to be debated and voted upon is cynical and cruel. For the Democrats in the House to be denied the opportunity to represent their constituencies on this national issue, is a disrespect to our democracy and the role as their Representatives. As the crisis on the border increases, House Republicans will bear the responsibility for that crisis. While doing nothing is not an option, this Senate bill has a long way to go before I would lend my support."

The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) announced they have endorsed the border security bill, with NBPC President Brandon Judd saying:

"Since Joe Biden has been in office, CBP has averaged over 8,000 apprehensions per day and the vast majority of these illegal immigrants have been released under a policy known as catch-and-release. Approximately 60% of all border apprehensions are single adults, a good number of whom are military age men. The Border Act of 2024 will give U.S. Border Patrol agents authorities codified, in law, that we have not had in the past.  This will allow us to remove single adults expeditiously and without a lengthy judicial review which historically has required the release of these individuals into the interior of the United States.  This alone will drop illegal border crossings nationwide and will allow our agents to get back to detecting and apprehending those who want to cross our borders illegally and evade apprehension. While not perfect, the Border Act of 2024 is a step in the right direction and is far better than the current status quo. This is why the National Border Patrol Council endorses this bill and hopes for its quick passage."

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