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Decision 2020

Biden to face pressing foreign policy issues

NBC's Kelly Cobiella looks as the challenges waiting for the next President on day one

LONDON, U.K. (KYMA, KECY/NBC News) - President-elect Joe Biden has a long to do list when it comes to foreign policy, but his priority on day one will likely be Russia.

That's because the clock will be ticking on a key nonproliferation treaty know as "New Start. It will expire just 15-days after Inauguration Day. Biden has indicated he would be in favor of a five-year extension.

Another big task - dealing with North Korea. Kim Jong Un's regime has not carried out any missile tests. However, nuclear experts and experts on North Korea say the country's nuclear program has advanced substantially over the past four years.

President-elect Biden does want denuclearization when it comes to North Korea, but he won't see any face-to-face talks.

And then there is China. Biden has said he will rejoin the World Health Organization. The Trump Administration pulled out of the U.N. body saying it was controlled too much by China. Rejoining the WHO may allow the U.S. and China to cooperate. But the elephant in the room, of course, is tariffs. The President-elect will have little room to maneuver there.

Finally, there's Iran. Biden has said he wants the U.S. back in that landmark nuclear agreement signed back in 2015. But how does he do it? That's the tricky part. And if tensions escalate between now and Inauguration Day, it could be even harder.

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