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Decision 2020

Gosar and Ward face off for Arizona’s 4th Congressional District


YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Incumbent Paul Gosar currently holds the seat for the Arizona 4th congressional district. Recent polls show Gosar in the lead at 62% with more than 5,500 votes. His republican opponent, Anne Marie Ward is behind at 38% with 3,300 votes.

Here is what Gosar has to say about getting ahead in his re-election.

"Being hailed as one of the most accomplished members of congress. Getting their stuff done whether it be education, whether it be healthcare, whether it be resources, whether it be forest management, whether it be mining, water applications," Gosar said. "The guy that you elected has been forefront on all of those issues."

Ward's first trip on the campaign trail was visiting the border in Yuma County. She walked along the border wall with local border patrol agents and saw firsthand some of the issues Americans were experiencing.

"What they really need is somebody to use their platform and their voice to share what's really going on," Ward stated. "I was actually quite surprised that what they're seeing now is human trafficking and that it's much more lucrative than drug trafficking, and this is really a humanitarian crisis that needs to be dealt with."

Gosar takes an unemployment approach to border protection saying American should be given priority when it comes to regaining lost jobs.

"One of the things I've looked at right now is currently right now there is over 40 million people without jobs, and we ought to not be bringing people into this county until all 40 million people get a job. That's critical here," Gosar explained. "We need to revamp our immigration laws. Immigration has built this county but it's been legal immigration."

As many politicians are conflicted about how to reopen the country following the coronavirus pandemic safely, there is one consensus. Ward says small businesses need support to keep the economy alive.

"In the seven counties that I cover in this district, we have a plethora of small businesses. They are the backbone of our economy," Ward said. "And, unfortunately, many of those have closed. Families have lost their livelihoods. We should have done a much better job at making sure that we have kept those alive because now we have real struggles in our communities."

Gosar will face off against the winner of the democratic candidate for the Arizona 4th congressional district which current polls show Delina Disanto at a 74% lead.

Voters will cast their ballots for one candidate in the general election on November 3.

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