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Flooding forces thousands from their homes in the Midwest

Residents deal with rising waters and rising fears about coronavirus - NBC's Jay Gray reports

MIDLAND COUNTY, Mich. (KYMA, KECY/NBC News) - Residents rush to higher ground as rising flood waters swallow much of the Midwest.

"The dam has spilled. 100 percent failure evacuate"

Right now the worst of it seems to be in Michigan. Two dams there both overrun by water. More than 10,000 people were forced to evacuate, including Katrina Conley.

"I'm very very concerned about everything in our home." Conley said as she choked back tears.

Her concern in shared by so many right now. Entire towns are filled to the rooftops after days of rain. Homes and businesses are submerged. Water is is seeping into transformers, and tossing trailers and RV's to the side.

The stark images are evidence of the overwhelming power of the floods.

"It's devastating we know that this water is incredibly damaging." said Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. "

Especially to an area that, like the rest of the country, is still dealing with coronavirus.

"It's hard to believe we are in the midst of a 100 year crisis and global pandemic we are also dealing with a flooding event the worst in 500 years." said Whitmer.

Forecasters warn it may not be over. More rain is expected by the end of the week.

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