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Trump to propose $4.8 trillion budget, boosting border defense


Asks for $2 billion in border wall funding

WASHINGTON D.C. (KYMA, KECY) - President Trump is expected to propose a $4.8 trillion budget Monday, including $2 billion to fund border wall construction.

The new budget reinforces Trump's running platform that helped pave his way into office, looking to put the impeachment trial in the past.

Along with border wall funding, Trump's budget includes $15.6 billion for U.S. Customs and Border Protection-- a 7 percent increase from current spending levels.

It also includes $9.9 billion for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) -- a 23 percent increase

This year's 2 billion proposal is less than the previous year.

Last year, Trump proposed $5 billion for the border wall, which resulted in a five-week government shutdown.

Huge safety-net cuts

On the flip side, President Trump's new budget proposal comes with various cuts to safety nets.

The budget slashes programs like food stamps and federal housing assistance, also adding new work requirements.

He also proposes cuts to spending on federal disability insurance benefits and student loan forgiveness by $170 billion.

More highlights

Highlights include a boost to military, veterans and aims to reduce the nation's deficits by 4.6 trillion over a decade.

Trump campaigned on a promise to eliminate the national deficit in 10 years, though his budget expects a balanced budget in 2035.

The budget includes an increase in NASA funding by 12 percent, one of NASA's largest spending increasees since the 1990's.

Trump also proposes to cut the CDC's budget by 10 percent.

The Budget seeks to boost infrastructure spending by $1 trillion, with additional funds allocated for high-priority projects.

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