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Victor Smith of JV Farms receives Honorary Doctorate

In this week’s Home Grown segement we are honoring Victor Smith, CEO of JV Smith Companies. He received an Honorary Doctorate from the College of Agriculture and Life Science at the Univeristy of Arizona on Friday.

Smith oversees all of the JV Smith farming, packing and cooling operations, which includes more than 30,000 acres of vegetable production. He’s been doing this since 1991.

Today, JV Smith Companies farm romaine and iceberg lettuce, spinach, celery, mixed leaf and organic spring mix, carrots, and green onions.

This year, Smith gave $1.5 million to the U of A to aid in food safety education.

He also helped to establish the Yuma Center for Excellence in Desert Agriculture in Yuma.

Congratulations on your honorary doctorate.

* Photo taken by James Wood for the University of Arizona.

KYMA News Team

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