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September 2019: Arizona Preparedness Month

Governor Doug Ducey encourages Arizona residents to take action during Arizona Preparedness Month which begins September.

The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs ( DEMA ) is telling communities statewide, ” Disasters happen. Prepare now. Learn how. ”

This push to encourage the community to act now is part of a state effort to support Arizona residents to plan for the unexpected.

“Planning for disasters can keep Arizonans and their loved one’s safe,” said Govenor Ducey . “Arizona Preparedness Month is a time to reflect, prepare and lay out plans that keep our communities resilient.”

DEMA said that Arizona is popularly known for its temperate climate, several weather hazards, and can cause unpredictable emergencies for families. Arizona’s common monsoon season’s flash flooding threat is a serious risk to some communities.

“It ‘s not a matter of if an emergency will happen, but when, ” said DEMA Deputy Director Wendy Smith-Reeve. “Investing the time to prepare now makes a difference.”

DEMA encouraged communities to take the following steps during Arizona Preparedness Month:

— Plan – Make a Family Communication Plan that includes an out-of-town contact and evacuation route.

— Prepare – Build an emergency go kit with enough food, water and daily medication(s) to last at least 3 days. Create a smaller, travel-sized kit that you can take in the event of an evacuation.

— Inquire – Be informed of local hazards and emergency plans at your work and your children’s school. Contact your local emergency management office to sign up to receive emergency notifications.

— Inspire – Motivate others with your positive preparedness example.

For easy and cost effective preparedness tips for families, you’re encouraged to follow the Arizona Emergency Information Network’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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