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A parent’s perspective on remote learning

Remote Learning

An update on remote learning and what local parents have to say about it

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - While most students are learning remotely, a small number of them are back in the classroom due to special circumstances that create a need for classroom education.

Some circumstances include homes where parents are essential workers, or if necessary school items are not available, such as internet and computer access.

Local parents have different thoughts about remote learning vs. classroom learning. Some feel strongly that their children need to be back in the classroom. Others say they will keep their children at home until they know it is safe to go back to school without the worries surrounding COVID.

District officials are working to keep children safe and provide an adequate education at the same time. Every student has a different way of learning that works best for them. For some, virtual learning is working well. For others, classroom interaction is the best way to learn.

For that reason, remote learning could be great for one student and difficult for another student.

More on remote learning Wednesday on News 11's Early Edition, Arlette Yousif speaks with a local parent and officials.

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