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Imperial County Coronavirus

Brightside: SoCal teenager aims to serves up meals for Valley doctors

News story inspired high school senior to help frontline workers far from his home in Alhambra

ALHAMBRA, Calif. (KYMA, KECY) - Alhambra, California may be more than 200 miles from El Centro, but that's not stopping a teenager from doing something special for frontline workers in Imperial County.

Brandon Eng stumbled upon the plight of Valley doctors, nurses, and health care professionals while reading the news. Eng says he was immediately inspired.

"I was going through the news one day and I noticed this one hospital in my state that was dealing with this huge influx of patients from the border and everything and thought it would be nice to help out those doctors that were struggling so hard to treat all those patients." the high school senior said.

There wasn't much Eng could do in person, but in the age of technology, he didn't need to be in the Valley to serve up a special treat for El Centro Regional Medical Center's (ECRMC) frontline workers.

Eng started a GoFundMe to raise money to provide the hospital's staff with free meals while they're working so hard. In his post the teenager writes:

"Like any other normal human, these doctors and nurses have to eat. So why don't we help them with that? Even just $5 is enough to keep these doctors and nurses productive and reward them for a job well done."

GoFundMe post by Brandon Eng

If you'd like to help Eng feed frontline workers, you can make a donation to his GoFundMe account.


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