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Customers challenge local business’ mask rule

Bare Naked Soap Co.

Shop owner suggests safer shopping strategy - News 11's Crystal Jimenez

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Bare Naked Soap Co. said some customers take issue with the shop's mask requirement. But its owner wants to remind those who refuse to mask up, that little piece of cloth is making a big difference for small businesses.

Bare Naked Soap Co. has been nestled in Downtown Yuma for seven years. Like other small businesses in town, the pandemic has really affected its livelihood.

Customers used to come in and easily smell any fragrance. But coronavirus forced changes, including the way people sniff.

News 11's Crystal Jimenez has a preview of Monday's report from Downtown Yuma:

Owner Sammantha Fritcher said customers can still come in for the aromas, but she asks them to do it the new way. It's a "lift and wave" technique - slightly lift the bottom of the mask and wave the soap underneath.

Fritcher said customers can still get the same whiff with or without a mask.

She says masks are more than a matter of public safety, they also allow keep her in business. If cases continue to climb, Fritcher, and other "non-essential" business could be forced to close.

Monday on the Early Edition, News 11's Crystal Jimenez speaks to Bare Naked Soap Co. about its new protocols, and shows you how it's keeping its customers safe.

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