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Countdown to Tokyo: Caeleb Dressel

(KYMA, KECY/ NBC News) - The summer games in Tokyo are only 58 days away and athletes across the world will be noticed and praised for their athletic excellence.

For American swimmer, Caeleb Dressel, he is one of the best swimmers in the world and his name will undoubtedly be heard many times. But to truly understand him, the Florida native always strives to be one with his environment, both on land and in the water.

Dressel has a sleeve of tattoos and that's where his love for nature comes out. An alligator, a black bear and an eagle stand out on his sleeve--a representation of his fascination for animals.

Dressel says that all of the animals on his sleeve are native to Florida where he is from.

"We've had I think just about every creature you can imagine from lizards, horses, guinea pigs, bunnies, hamsters, which have gotten lost in the house more than once," Dressel said. "Also dogs, cats and birds."

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