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Rallying for the kids

Parent-based rally voices call to bring back prep sports to California.

Imperial Valley parents are making their voices heard in context to the current shut-down of prep and youth sports in California.

Parents of student athletes across the the Golden State held a series of rallies to send a message to state government officials to bring sports back, despite the current COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the "Let them play" rallies was held on Friday night at the Imperial County Courthouse in downtown El Centro.

100 to 150 people came out to the rally, letting out the chant of "let them play" near the courthouse steps.

Organizers and attendees of the rally explain what has motivated them to the movement of getting local kids back into athletic competition.

"High school sports, whether it's football, wrestling, baseball, basketball, that's all these kids have. The mental health issue with the kids. Not being able to go out there and be with their friends, not being able to be there with that coach sometimes these coaches are father figures, mother figures. Sometimes they don't have, they don't have a structured environment at home."

"Since COVID shut everybody down, I've seen a dramatic change in all my kids, and it would be nice to be able to see our locals being able to put our tournaments back together, get our boys back on the field, get everybody back into their sports. I think it will help them mentally a lot. I know physical health is very important, but so is our mental health. And the children our future and if we lose them well then what will be our future?”


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Rob Fram

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