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Let them play rally preview

IV parents wanting their voices to be heard.

Imperial Valley parents are ready for their voices to be heard.

Since COVID-19 concerns have shut down the Imperial Valley sports landscape almost a year ago, area parents have grown increasingly frustrated over the strict COVID regulations that they say are greatly effecting their children; many of which are student athletes.

Over the past week, a movement has developed called "Let them play," that has already picked up a membership of 30 thousand people in that span of time.

This movement will culminate in a series of "parent based" rallies that will be held Friday all across the state of California to send a message to the state's government that they want their kids back in competition.

1 of the rally's organizers outlines what he hopes will happen after Friday's series of rallies.

"We want to see after our event, our local leaders our county leaders our legislators our representatives our governor. We want them to go back to the drawing board and say, What can we do now for these kids? what can we do, and then not only for the kids to get back into sports, we want our kids back into school, we want all of our businesses open and open safely."

The Imperial Valley version of the "Let them play" rally is taking place at the Imperial County Courthouse in El Centro, starting at 4 pm Pacific time.


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