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Reverse course

Prep A.D. responds to AIA's decision to start Winter sports.

1st year Yuma Catholic athletic director Jeff Welsing has faced intriguing challenges during this ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic; especially within the past week.

Last Friday, the Arizona Interscholastic Association's executive committee decided to cancel the prep Winter sports seasons throughout the state of Arizona.

4 days later, the AIA reverses that decision and opens Winter sports back up, with the regular seasons scheduled to start on January 18th.

Welsing describes this quick turn of events as a rollercoaster ride.

"For the kids, you know, thinking last 4 days ago that they're never done, and it's over. And then, now all of a sudden, four days later they, you know, reconvene and revote and change it, and it's definitely a roller coaster of emotions. But I think most of the kids will handle pretty well because they're actually getting the opportunity."

This decision requires all student athletes affiliated with the AIA to wear masks during athletic events; even while they are competing.

In addition to that, Winter sports student athletes will only be allowed to invite 2 fans each for any given competition.
Welsing gives his perspective of how the AIA could have quickly changed it's decision from last Friday to this Tuesday.  

“All night Friday night with a bit of petition going on so that's 47,000 people signed this petition, which is neither here nor there. but people were posting the board members that voted no, they're posting their information their phone numbers, they're posting their email addresses those people are just getting inundated with messages and all this stuff and read on social media, you know, 99% of it was for you know that these kids played and let them, you know, the transmission rate amongst kids is really really low, let them play."

Yuma Catholic still plans on moving forward with it's Winter sports seasons, while Antelope Union will retain it's decision to keep it's own seasons cancelled.

The Yuma Union High School District will reveal it's plans for it's Winter sports in the coming days.

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