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Up to us all

Yuma Crims A.D. reacts to YUHSD's latest decision effecting Fall sports.

On Thursday night, the Yuma Union High School District decided to implement a hybrid learning system starting on September 14th.

This essentially means students at member schools would attend classes on campus 2 days out of the week to comply with current social distancing mandates.

From an athletics standpoint, this could open the door for practices to transition to phase 2 by that time; if the Coronavirus testing metrics continue to trend downward.

For new Yuma High School Athletic Director, Kathy Hoover, this opens the door for what she hopes will be a new beginning for everyone.

"These are different times and we're excited to tackle them. Ultimately, we want our kids on campus as soon as it's safe to do so."

Even though this historic pandemic has proven to be unpredictable, Hoover is confident that a Fall season will play out for all the YUHSD programs with 1 significant caveat.

"Whether we have a Fall sports season truly is dependent on all of us. And it's clear we can make an impact there because we brought the metrics down to where they need to be to be able to open up school. So, we know as a community that we can do it. We do have collective control over this, if we set our minds to it. So, I really want to impress upon our families that it is up to all of us to make sure our kids can have a Fall sports season."

It is unknown what the exact timetable for any of the Fall sports schedules that will be released.

YUHSD plans on having all schedules that will only include programs within the district.


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