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Imperial County Sheriff’s Office celebrates Forensic Science Week

IMPERIAL, Calif. (KYMA, KECY) - The Imperial County Sheriff's Department has its own Scientific Investigations Unit. They are the backbone of many investigations across the valley including homicides.

The scientific investigations unit is the equivalent of crime scene investigators, ICSO has a different name for the group.

ICSO says the scientific investigations unit along with the Coroner's Office falls under forensic sciences week.

Sergeant Mike Mistriel is the supervisor of the scientific investigations unit with ICSO. He says part of their job includes searching for missing people.

"We'll start running with any leads that we may have, we will start in the area where the individual went missing, we also have drones to help," he said.

Mistriel adds that many different entities with ICSO particpate in the investiagtion.

"Once we find someone missing, that is when our offices pick up and we start looking for trace evidence, we are looking for fibers, we are doing DNA all so we can find the suspect," he said.

ICSO says for anyone who wishes to join forensic sciences, they should start by learning about it in college.

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