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The Amazing Race Yuma County gears up for a local edition


Title Sponsor includes 1st Bank Yuma

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Join the Chamber of Commerce Friday, June 18, at 1 p.m. for a race around Yuma County completing fun challenges and ending with a networking reception. A post-race reception at Four Points Sheraton will follow the completion of the race at 6:30 p.m. 

All registration spots have been filled, but spectators are still welcome to view the shenanigans happening around town.

Teams will be provided with an initial starting point and registration time. There will be four staggered starting times at fifteen-minute intervals, with five teams per interval. A team’s starting time will be noted so that the winning team's accomplishment is based on their actual time from start to finish, rather than which team finishes first.

At the starting location, teams will be given their first challenge. When the first challenge begins, an individual team’s starting time will be recorded. Upon completion of the first challenge, the team will be given a checklist of ten locations they must visit in order to complete the race. This team will then drive to the first location, and so forth.

At each location, the team will need to complete that location’s challenge. Once the challenge is complete, a location representative will initial the team’s checklist, and provide them with a puzzle-pieces-filled envelope.

Once the team has successfully completed all ten locations' challenges, it must proceed to the finish line. However, before a team can officially cross the finish line, it must complete a puzzle using all of the puzzle pieces received throughout the race. Upon successful completion of the puzzle, the team’s completion time will be noted to calculate their total race time.

The winning team will be the one the completes the race in the least amount of time. Prizes will be awarded!

Center for Disease Control COVID-19 guidelines must be followed. Whenever possible, a minimum of 6-feet distance must be maintained. Masks are to be worn when physical distancing is not possible outdoors and at all times indoors unless at a table eating or drinking.

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