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Planned Museum of Chinese Food Celebrates Chinese Border Culture in Mexicali

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MEXICALI, B.C., Mex. (KYMA/KECY) - Every November 12th, as ordered by local authorities in Mexicali, the border town will celebrate its Chinese culture that exists in what is known as 'Mexicalense' culture.

'El Dia Chino' or 'Chinese Day, was marked with the announcement of a forthcoming Museum of Chinese-Mexicalense Food.

A refurbished, abandoned building in Mexicali's Chinatown, known as 'La Chinesca', will be home to the space that holds the history of how the flavors of two cuisines intersected, clashed, and created a whole world of gastronomical wonderment known as the "Best Chinese Food In The World."

For Mexicali Mayor Marina Del Pilar Ávila, this project is a push to pull tourists to explore and discover the rich, unique and peculiar Chinese-Mexican culture that the border town is known for.

The museum will be part of the many cultural exhibits that already exist -- the 'Chinesca' alley, tours of the series of underground tunnels where Chinese immigrants lived for half a century, and the Chineses pagoda located at the round-a-about on Calle Morelos.

While Mexicali will benefit from the tourism, for the Chinese and Asian communities, that have lived in the Downtown area of Mexicali for years, it brings pride amid a time where many of their business have had to shut their doors.

With this, the local government has promised residents improved street works, like sidewalks, where pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists can co-exist.

The museum is scheduled to open on February 12, 2021.

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Christian Galeno

Christian Galeno joined KYMA/KSWT in July of 2019 as a Weekend Anchor and multimedia journalist.


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