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High price at the pump over Memorial Day weekend

13 On Your Side’s Arlette Yousif spoke with people at the pump about how they're managing the extra cost

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Gas prices are still on the rise and they are not stopping for a three-day weekend.

Money in the tank as gas prices in Yuma are averaging $4.59 a gallon, which is high compared to what we’re used to but still lower than most of the country.

Alex Munoz is heading back to California with his family.

"We know obviously it was going to be more coming on this trip, but we still wanted to come out and drive to see our family versus trying to fly and then coordinate traveling from the airport," says Alex Munoz.

Though some have reconsidered their weekend travels, others say a pit-stop in Yuma has helped with saving on gas.

"It's not that bad. Yea, I know some places maybe [are] 10 cents down, down in Tucson. But [Yuma] is a good spot to refill my gas, then go to California," explains Danny Velasquez.

"Well, it's actually not that bad right here, and there was a place out in Cottonwood where it was almost $1.50 more per gallon, which was closer to California prices, so it's sorta all over the place, to be honest, with the gas prices," says Munoz.

Though $20 doesn't even get you five gallons these days, it's still cheaper than most places in California.

"Down, the price there in Arizona was cheaper. So, [I] got excited there, trying to fill up my whole tank. But now going down to California, gas is… I can't be driving so much around," explains Velasquez.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, shows Imperial Valley gas prices ranging from $5.35 to $5.59. Some cities in California are charging well over $6 a gallon for unleaded gas.

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