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Travelers favor gassing up at local gas stations compared to their hometown

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Travelers are making sure to stop in Yuma for gas as the price at this local arco off of the freeway is $4.39.

College student Keanu Spencer is driving a large van to sleep in while commuting to San Diego to offset the high gas prices.

“So we’re just taking it so we don’t have to rent a hotel or anything and this is diesel, so diesel usually isn’t cheaper but it’s actually cheaper over here ‘cause in Scottsdale, I think it was $5.55,” said Spencer.

Tucson resident Sharon Irene was also passing through Yuma on the way to San Diego, sharing she's more than glad she stopped in Yuma for gas.

Saying she pays twice as much to fill up her tank now that prices are going back up.

Adding traveling can be disappointing now due to high gas prices and low wages.

“Well, I’m really glad to stop here in Yuma cause I know the price is gonna be a lot worse in California. It’s very discouraging because wages aren’t keeping up I’m doing this one trip but that’s probably all I’m gonna do for a long, long time,” said Irene.

According to AAA, the current average in Yuma is $4.64 while the average in California is $6.06.

Jack Parks from Phoenix says a fixed income isn’t enough to handle this increase.

“They’re extremely too high, especially for someone on a fixed income. I would like to say I wish we were drilling more American oil,” said Parks.

As travelers roll into Yuma searching for the cheapest gas, they are hopeful our own country will be able to drill more oil to help drive prices down.

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