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Local 7-11 turns up the volume and neighbors’ frustration

Loud opera music disturbs nearby businesses - 13 On Your Side's Vince Ybarra reports

EL CENTRO, Calif. (KECY, KYMA) - An El Centro 7-11 plays opera music outside it's store, but it's not because the managers are music lovers - they want to deter the homeless from loitering around the building.

Mayor Pro Tem, Tomas Oliva, said for the last couple of months, he's had multiple complaints from nearby businesses, all expressing their frustration with the music.

"Specifically what I've heard is, not so much from the residents but from the business community, there's a plaza of offices behind the 7-11," said Oliva.

Oliva has reached out to El Centro Police Department. At this point, it's an ongoing investigation.

Oliva said the bigger issue is homelessness and getting local homeless people the help they need. Although there are programs in El Centro, he says the city can only do so much.

"The concept of homelessness is very difficult as many people know. There is no one right answer," said Oliva.

He tells 13 On Your Side a new facility will open soon. It will offer a variety of services and resources to help El Centro's homeless population.

Victor Quiñones, Jr., says he drives by the 7-11 almost every day. He says he can understand why neighbors are frustrated.

"I think it is pretty loud cause when I drive by I can hear it," said Quinones.

The El Centro Police Department said they doing it's best to help with complaints.

“We’re still kinda investigating whether or not it’s a matter that the police are going to get involved in.” said Sergeant James Thompson.

They said they are in contact with the owner as this case is still ongoing. I reached out to both the owner and the 7-11 corporate offices. They have not responded to my request for an interview.

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