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Yuma airport prepares for community growth with updated master plan

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - This past week Yuma International Airport unveiled its updated master plan to the public which includes three separate phases. With the airport sharing land with MCAS Yuma, the goal is to identify and incorporate current and future military and civilian operations.

The airport is already seeing pre-pandemic numbers when it comes to passengers. With the five, ten, and 20-year master plans, airport executives can show how there’s plenty of room for growth on the property.

The current master plan for Yuma International Airport was completed in 2009. Every ten years the airport re-evaluates the plan.

Gladys brown is the Yuma International Airport director. “The land side is your parking your terminal configuration, we look at airside, so we look at general aviation opportunity for business development,” she explained.

It’s to provide the community, public officials, Marine Corps. Air Station Yuma and the Yuma County Airport Authority with proper guidance for future development.

Brown says they’re not just basing the plan off of community growth.

“We [also] look at passenger flow future development. We look at what we have on the entire airport property, and then we pretty much forecast it out, and then we give some assumptions that are in there, and then we have data that can be calculated.”

This new master plan will establish goals and objectives, taking into account current conditions and evaluating aviation and facility needs for the future.

Chris Hacker works for Mead & Hunt and is the designated project manager for the airport's master plan. He knows almost everything about the airport.

“It provides the airport, the necessary funding mechanisms to help develop the facilities and infrastructure to meet demand over the 20-year period,” Hacker said.

Brown says it’s important to have this plan as the airport predicts an increase in air travel in and out of Yuma.

“We predict that in 20 years, our commercial air service will grow at least 50% if not, 100%, you know, so we want to accommodate what is it look like with 100%, more people," she affirmed.

Airport officials tell News 11 they’re already short parking stalls on the property so the plan will be coming in handy.

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