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YRMC considering a merger with for-profit company

This potential partnership raises concerns in the community - FOX 9's Adam Klepp tells you how you can make your voice heard

YUMA (KECY-TV, KYMA-TC) - Yuma Regional Medical Center is considering a partnership with for-profit company LifePoint Health.

The hospital’s current non-profit model dictates that all extra revenue gets re-invested into the hospital. A merger with LifePoint would change that.

Dr. Ron Clark is an orthopedic surgeon who has worked in Yuma since 2012. He was also the former chief of staff at YRMC. Clark says a change could lead to money leaving the community.

“There’s no guarantee a company that a company that works for a profit would decide to reinvest at the same level," Clark says. "They may decide that some of those resources need to go to their investors and their shareholders.”

YRMC signed a non-binding letter of intent in July announcing they were considering a partnership with LifePoint.

YRMC did provide a written statement on the potential merger saying in part:

“LifePoint is committed to keeping more care local, enhancing the quality of care we offer and investing in the things that are important for the future health of our community.”

The partnership ultimately would need to be approved by the Hospital District Board One.

Chairman Jeffrey Polston says the hospital board is not close to making a decision and is still in the process of gathering information on if YRMC merging with LifePoint Health would be for the benefit of the district.

“The hospital district board is still gathering information, we have not decided if we are going to sign a lease or not sign a lease. There’s no time frame on when we would bring that to a vote, we are still in the information gathering process"

There is a hospital district board meeting tomorrow night for members of the public as well as the board to gather more information. A representative from LifePoint Health will also be in attendance as well.

That's happening at the Yuma Civic Center at 5:30, October 20th, 2021.

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