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Career Expert Lea Soto-Graham wants workers to know their worth


It can be an unsettling subject, just how much should you get paid?

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Whether you're meeting a recruiter for the first time or have already established yourself, asking for the right compensation can be nerve-wracking. But, career experts at the Goodwill Career Center of Yuma say you have to know your worth.

If you've compiled a special skill-set with certifications and specific training, you should in turn be compensated for those skills. If you're currently employed and have acquired more training and have received special certifications then meeting with your employer to discuss a pay raise should be in your near future.

Career Expert Lea Soto-Graham with the Goodwill Career Center of Yuma says that timing is everything. Soto-Graham says that before meeting with a recruiter or your employer, you must make sure you have all your information in order.

Soto-Graham says you have to make your case and show how compensating you would benefit them. She adds that researching your position in other companies and their compensation can strengthen your case.

For more information on what to ask during an interview or how to go about advancing in your present career, you can visit the Goodwill website or call your local career center.

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