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Forbes finds Yuma has 7th highest paid nurse practitioners in U.S.

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Local health organizations confirm starting salaries

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA) A new report shows that Yuma nurse practitioners are among the highest-paid in the nation.

Forbes placed Yuma at number seven in a list of the 50 cities where nurse practitioners earn the most money.

The magazine reported that nurse practitioners (NPs) in Yuma earn on average around $142,000 a year or about $68 an hour.

Both Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) and Sunset Health confirmed the salary for its starting NP's is in that neighborhood.

Local health organizations say this news came as no surprise.

Nurse practitioners have been popular in Yuma for years.

Dr. Bharat Magu, Chief Medical Officer at YRMC believes rural cities have to find innovative ways to approach health care, especially with the lack of physicians.

The medical industry in Yuma is doing that by utilizing NPs.

“Nurse practitioners have much more opportunity obviously in rural areas. In a place like Yuma, with a one hospital system, we have to make sure that we have enough trained and highly skilled physicians and nurse practitioners to work together to extend the services that are necessary," Dr. Magu said.

One component in attracting highly skilled NPs is a competitive salary.

Dr. Magu estimates 75% of YRMC’s nurse practitioners have roots in Yuma.

Whereas, Sunset Health has attracted a majority of their NPs from out of state.

Of course, Yuma has a very diverse population and doctors say it opens the opportunity for nurse practitioners to gain experience treating a variety of chronic diseases.

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