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Will schools in Imperial County mandate vaccines?

Alexandra Rangle

13 On Your Side's Vince Ybarra looks into the possibility of a COVID-19 shot requirement

IMPERIAL COUNTY, Calif. (KECY, KYMA) - Brawley Superintendent, Richard Rundhaug, said the city's schools have not made a decision on whether or not they will mandate COVID-19 vaccines for eligible students and staff.

"We have not taken a stance on that," said Rundhaug.

Rundhaug said the district will watch how vaccine mandates pans out in bigger cities, like San Diego, before it makes a decision.

He said the decision would be collaborative. Rundhaug saif the school board will research to make sure it's choosing the best option for everyone involved.

Rundhaug said there is excitement regarding vaccines becoming available for the younger age group, 5- 11 year-olds. He said they are in talks about hosting a "mass vaccine event".

"We're gonna be as proactive as we possibly can with that," said Rundhaug.

13 On Your Side reached out to the Imperial County Public Health Department (ICPHD) to ask if it will recommend a vaccine mandate for students and school staff. ICPHD said there has been no talk of that recommendation.

Meanwhile, Brawley students are back in the classroom after spending a year of virtual learning.

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