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Imperial County

Search continues for missing Winterhaven woman who disappeared in May

WINTERHAVEN, Calif (KYMA, KECY) - It's been almost 5 months since a mother of five went missing from her home in Winterhaven, CA.

Now the family is setting up a massive search to find their beloved family member.

**CORRECTION: The graphic in Cody Lee's on-camera presentation is incorrect. The missing person's name is Diana Gonzalez. We apologize for the error. Please refer to correct graphic.

Diana Gonzalez disappeared back in May. The family says she was living with her girlfriend, Danielle Meeden at the home they shared.

The Imperial County Sheriff’s Office (ICSO) is actively searching for Diana and there is an ongoing missing person case.

ICSO has spoken with many people for questioning including Danielle Meeden.

"They have reached out to her, but again it's her word of opinion of how she's explaining the whole thing," Diana's sister said.

Back in July, ICSO reported that Diana had left her purse, cell phone, and personal belongings behind; but no word on where those personal items are.

The missing person alert is sparking many stories and rumors around this case on social media even picked up recently by Dateline NBC.

Diana’s sister, Crystal Gonzalez, says they can only focus on the facts.

“I’ve learned to just not go off on that because it does stress me out a lot.”

“Whatever the investigator tells me it's but I go off on from now on. Of course, there have been people telling me a lot of their side of the story. Again, it's the same, it goes to the same person. Everybody leads it back to the same person. And just that I don't understand why. I understand that I just like we don't have any evidence,” Gonzalez said.

On October 17th, family and advocates are urging the public to assist in search efforts.

Magan Edwards is an advocate who created “For the Missing,” a group helping families that experience this type of hardship.

"There are a couple of fundraisers on Facebook. As far as that goes, there's a Facebook group. We've put flyers and videos too. We're trying to help organize the search that's going to happen on October 17th," Edwards said.

The family is hoping the community will have more answers that may lead them closer to find their loved one. 

"Obviously, our main goal is to bring diana home. [In] the end, just some closure for everybody is what I mean, you know for her to come home safe. But answers to what happened," Edwards added.

For more details on the search, visit this Facebook group.

Anyone who may have information about Diane’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office Investigation Unit at 442-265-2105 and reference case #2006-1642.

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