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Home Grown: Hemp greens are Yuma’s latest experiment

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CBS 13's April Hettinger takes a closer look at what may become Yuma's newest cash crop

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA KECY) - One grower is experimenting with hemp leafy greens, but to bust the myth, it doesn't actually have any CBD.

They are testing 17 different types of hemp lettuce at 27,000 seeds per pound.

Grower Robert Masson planted the seeds and is maintaining the fields for about 18 days before the hemp leafy greens are harvested.

Russ Engel, Director for the University of Arizona Yuma County Cooperative Extension says the hemp is grown for a higher nutritional value and flavor, hoping to encourage everyone to eat more greens.

"The initial thought was the hemp was being grown for CBD production, but hemp can be grown for fiber. It can be grown for seeds, and now what Robert is looking at is we might be able to harvest baby hemp leaves and add it to like the bagged mixes that you get to eat," Engel stated.

They will have a drive-thru tasting event at the University of Arizona Yuma Ag Center on West 8th Street on November 13 and 20, free to the public.

Tune in to next week's Home Grown to hear from the grower about the process behind harvesting hemp. 13 On Your Side's April Hettinger will explain why the new hemp lettuce will be attractive to consumers.

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